So What's In It For Me?


Benefits of bizApps™ Technology

bizApps Technology increases efficiency, reduces head count and cuts marketing costs. You produce more campaigns, in less time, for less money and your campaigns generate more leads.

With the right strategy, a targeted audience, compelling message, and a flexible delivery vehicle, you have a power house marketing solution. Response rates for bizApps campaigns have varied from 27% to 42%.


Take it Easy

bizApps Technology automates many production and delivery tasks and functions that currently you have to handle manually. bizApps integration eliminates the need for several vendors as their tasks are now completed by bizApps Technology. Your life becomes much simpler as you replace all the energy spent managing all those people with a few simple clicks.

Building and delivering a large scale, multi-channel, integrated marketing campaign has always been very difficult (see Production Comparison). Instead of managing dozens of vendors and people to produce your campaign, bizApps Technology boils it down to just a few. All you need is your copy writer, a graphics artist and maybe a layout artist. The entire production team is reduced to you and three creatives.

Now that you have your emails, landing page, social and mobile messages written it's time to get them delivered. The old way of doing it meant dealing with an email delivery vendor, some IT guys or web geeks to format and code the HTML, another vendor to program the mobile messages into the mobile app and social media consultants to post on facebook, linkedIn or whatever.

You can forget all those people and all that work. Instead of all those meetings, phone calls, emails and Gantt charts, picture yourself using the the bizApps method. 


Step 1

stop by your favorite coffee shop with WIFI

Step 2

grab your tablet or cell phone

Step 3'

sip a latte while you build and schedule delivery of your campaign

Step 4

hit “send” and go get one of those scones that look so delicious


It doesn't get any easier than that.


Save Time

Think of the time you spend managing, coordinating, talking to, meeting with and waiting for all the people involved with your marketing efforts. If you can eliminate the need for any of those people you eliminate the time you spend dealing with them. Replace production and delivery functions with technology and you replace their work with a few clicks. Which will take you longer? Managing dozens of vendors and staff for weeks on one end or opening a couple menus and clicking? That's how bizApps Technology dramatically reduces the time you spend.

You're not the only one saving a ton of time, Sales can get in on the savings as well. Poor quality leads are big time wasters for sales. In contrast to click bait, every lead generated with bizApps Technology campaigns is pre-qualified, pre-sold and exclusive.

They are pre-qualified because your campaign is delivered to a targeted audience meeting your demographic specifications. These are all contacts that likely want or need your product and can make the decision to purchase.

With a targeted audience your copy writers can tightly focus the message. Tightly focused copy generates greater response rates and your reader is pre-sold.

Finally the leads have expressed an interest in your product or campaign. They have opened your emails, read them and clicked through to your landing page. They have seen your posting on social media and opted in to see or read more. They have opened your mobile app and clicked through or opted in. They are motivated.

Each and every lead from your bizApps campaigns is exclusive to you. They came from your campaign, not some third party or click generator.

With pre-qualified, pre-sold, exclusive leads sales conversion and closing ratios climb producing more sales in less time.


Save Money

Eliminate the need for vendors or people and you eliminate their costs. You save

Because bizApps Technology saves you production time, you increase your marketing output with no increase in costs.  You save

With Pixl's list services you can access customized, demographically targeted lists for much less than standard commercial list vendor rates. You save

Delivering your emails is a simple click and selecting the date. Your email campaign is delivered right from the bizApps screens, no outside vendor needed. You save

No need for outside vendors or internal IT programmers to format your emails or code your landing pages. It's all done in bizApps saving you tons of time and money. You save

Posting campaign messages on social media platforms is a simple click. No social media consultants needed. You save

Pixlinc can host your landing page independent of your web site. You don't need coders or webmasters. You save

With so many marketing functions eliminated why keep all those people around? Cut your head count with no loss in productivity. You save