bizApps Features



Every bizApps program includes a robust email marketing component. Each email campaign includes a series of emails (typically 4) delivered multiple times. To increase your email response each campaign includes a landing page.

With bizApps, you provide the product and sales force, we do the rest.


Social Media

You know your future customers are hanging out on social networks like facebook, twitter and linkedIn. Now you can reach them there with bizApps. Both bizApps Basic and Elite plans include SM marketing on the three most effective and popular social platforms for business.



To exploit the new mobile technology you need a mobile app. bizApps uses the custom made app from Pixlinc. Take advantage of the exclusive mobile channel to reach your mobile contacts. Reach them with all three channels on their cell, email, web and mobile.


Landing Pages

Integrated marketing campaigns employ special web pages called landing pages.  When you open the email and click for more information or to sign up for the offer you “land” on this special web page. The landing page has all the information about the special offer and the product and may include a purchase form or link to a shopping cart.

Marketing professionals know that landing pages increase response rates and deliver higher quality leads. All bizApps programs include custom landing pages as part of your integrated marketing campaigns.



Make no mistake about it; direct mail marketing is alive and well. In the right circumstances direct mail is very effective. But how do you integrate an analog technology like print into a digital marketing system? With bizApps dynamic QR codes, that's how.

QR codes are those funny looking square graphics that you scan with your phone. When you scan a QR Code it links you to a web page. When you print a QR code on your company brochure and somebody scans it, your home page would appear on their phone.

The problem with the old QR codes was that you could never change that link, they were static. If you wanted to change that link from your home page to your Contact page you had to reprint your brochures with a new code. But bizApps QR codes are special, they are Dynamic. You can change them at any time with no need for reprinting.

With bizApps Dynamic QR Codes you can print your company brochure with a QR code linked to your Home page. But that link can be reprogrammed to the landing page in your current bizApps campaign. Now when anyone scans your brochure they immediately see your latest marketing campaign. And you don't have to reprint anything.

Dynamic QR Codes from bizApps can be used in any printed material including handouts, brochures, business cards, magazines and newspaper articles and ads. They can be used on highway billboards!

Dynamic QR Codes from bizApps are the link from the analog world of print to the digital realm. We can show you dozens of ways to use them, increase your campaign response and your ROI.



You always want to take advantage of every referral you can get. So you want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to refer someone to you? It can't get much easier than clicking on a button. So bizApps campaigns include a “Refer” button that automatically opens up the referral form. Your reader fills in their friend's name and email and clicks. That's it, all done.

That new contact data is immediately added to your account list, an autoresponder email is sent to the new contact letting them know their friend has made the referral. The email also links to the same campaign the original contact had received. 

You can encourage referrals by offering incentives or simply asking for them in your campaign message. Those referrals can turn into sales and over time you can significantly build up your mailing list.



What about the contact on social media who likes your campaign so much she wants to share it with a friend? In this case she can simply click on the “Share” button and your campaign is posted on her stream, wall, tweet, or page.

Sharing is one very important tool that facilitates viral marketing on social platforms.


Your bizApps Mailing List

Most businesses do not have an extensive mailing list. Even those who do have mailing list it often has been built from existing customers. While that can be a very useful list for reaching existing customers it doesn't expand your market.

Trying to buy or rent a mailing list of email contacts, custom sorted to include the types of folks who need your product or service, is very expensive. It not at all unusual for a list of 10,000 contacts to cost you around $5,000. Common quotes for targeted lists will range from $.25 up to $2.00 per contact.

To help you expand your market bizApps programs all include demographically targeted mailing lists. Even the lowest priced entry level program includes 5,000 new contacts.


List Builder

Speaking of mailing lists, let's start building yours. List Builder from bizApps is a pop up form used to gather new contact's critical information. List Builder can be plugged into your web pages, langing pages and even emails.

The bizApps technology is much more intelligent than your usual pop up contact form. With bizApps when someone gives you their name and email address on the form the system adds that new data to your account database in real time. There is no need for any manual data entry, no delays in getting that new contact into your list. Within nanoseconds of clicking “OK” your new contact is in your mailing list.

The fields within the List Builder form can be customized. If the person provides their company name, their title or their location all that data is added in real time.

That means bizApps can personalize your autoresponder thanking Mr. Smith, CEO of Whizbang Widgets Inc. And bizApps can automatically send him your latest campaign.

bizApps List Builder, one more very important tool to help you build your list.



The point of all this, the reason for bizApps existence, is to generate leads for your sales staff to follow up and close. So let's talk about leads for a minute.

Leads are contacts that have shown an interest in your campaign, your product, service or company. Typically our clients consider any contact that has opened their emails and clicked through to their landing page multiple times as a “lead”.

Certainly anyone who submits an inquiry, asks a question, requests information or fills out an order form is a very “hot” lead.

All leads need to get into the hands of your sales people ASAP. You can't get leads into sales any faster than bizApps. All bizApps programs send an alert to your sales person and/or sales manager cell phone when there is a lead ready for them to follow up.

The contact's name, phone number and inquiry (if they inquired) appear on the phone and you dial their number with one simple touch. Moreover, you can also record your notes for any future reference.

There is no way to get hot leads into your hot little hands faster than bizApps.