bizApps Marketing Solutions

For years conventionally produced marketing has cost too much. Only large corporations could afford the services of a marketing agency or their own marketing staff. So Pixlinc designed the bizApps Marketing Programs for those who cannot support in-house marketing or an agency contract.

bizApps provides everything for all your marketing needs

bizApps is a marketing solution that even the small business can afford


Reach your target wherever they are

I am amazed how many vendors want to sell you a one shot marketing solution. Why would you choose to restrict your marketing to just email, or just your web site or just social media? In today’s connected culture your potential customers are hanging out all over the digital universe. One minute they're hanging out on facebook the next they're checking their email and then they're looking at their mobile apps.

And they are connecting through multiple devices. Even the older baby boomers now use smart phones, tablets and laptops.


All Channels, All Devices

That's why bizApps campaigns deliver your marketing message on all media channels and to all media devices. Now you can reach your target audience wherever they are hanging out in the virtual world. Your bizApps marketing is delivered via email, web pages, print, social media, mobile apps, Internet searches and more. And your campaign is received by all devices including smart phone, tablets, desktops and laptops. 

All bizApps campaigns are fully integrated, multi-channel efforts, not just one channel, one shot deals.


Professionally Produced

Industry leaders in marketing seek out the very best copy writers to craft their messages. Yet many vendors leave you high and dry when it comes to the very most important piece of your marketing...the message.

There is good reason why you seek out qualified and experienced programmers, sales people, executives, surgeons and mechanics. It's because you know that trained, experienced professionals will deliver the best results. 

If you trust to put these projects into the hands of qualified professionals why would you trust your marketing copy to untrained amateurs? Why would any marketing professional expect you to write your own marketing emails and web pages?

Every message in every bizApps campaign is crafted by professional direct response copy writers. Your emails, landing pages, social media postings and mobile messages are crafted to grab attention and motivate action. That is how you get more opens, click throughs, opt ins and inquiries. That is how you get results.


You take care of business, bizApps takes care of marketing

I've met a lot of business people through the years. They've had all kinds of talents, personalities and experiences. But none of them had any time to spare.

If you are responsible for a business you're already working 60 hours a week, most every weekend and you still take business calls on vacation. There's no way you can become a full time marketing maven and still run your company.

I understand that very well, after all I'm running and growing a business just like you. So I designed bizApps to be a true total marketing solution. That means that you participate in the marketing effort but we do all the heavy lifting. We take responsibility for producing and delivering all your marketing for you.

With bizApps we spend our time handling your marketing so you can spend your time building and running your business. BizApps is a true total marketing solution.


Not just One and Done, bizApps is a Lead Generating System

To grow your business you need a steady supply of quality leads for your sales team. Any one time source for leads cannot provide a steady supply. You need a method or system that can be sustained over the long haul. Simple “email blasts” and other one shot lead systems, even when employed continuously, will not produce a dependable steady supply of quality leads.

bizApps marketing programs are a lead generating machine. Your bizApps leads are totally exclusive because they came to you from YOUR campaign, not some third party. They are pre-sold, they already know about you and your product, and have expressed an interest right now. They are pre-qualified because you targeted your campaign to those who want or need your product and have the ability to purchase. And they are new, fresh leads, not old and recycled.

Every dollar you invest in bizApps is an investment in building your brand. When you buy third party leads you are subsidizing their business, their brand. With bizApps you are building your brand identity, your web site, your contact base or list.

Finally, all bizApps leads are timely. bizApps technology identifies any new lead in real time and forwards that lead to your sales force in real time. You don't have to wait days or weeks for some report. The moment anyone on your mailing list becomes interested bizApps identifies them and sends the data to your cell phone and laptop. All your leads are delivered to your sales staff in minutes, not days or weeks


bizApps is Affordable

When I set out building the technology and systems for bizApps I kept the solopreneur in mind. I figured if I could deliver professional marketing to the underfunded, boot strapping gal starting her business in the kitchen, then every small and midsized business could afford it.

I have worked with solo business owners like insurance sales people and real estate agents. We have worked with janitorial service providers and small office tech services companies. Not only can you get into the bizApps programs when you first start out but bizApps services can scale up with you as your grow.

From bizApps Lite all the way through bizApps Technology, Pixl provides the marketing solutions you need.