The Five Pillars - Foundation of an Effective Marketing Campaign

Why bizApps?

Reach today’s buyer with today’s technology, bizApps is the only marketing platform designed in response to today's marketing environment.

Today's buyer is looking for you on several different platforms and on more than one device.


the majority of consumers are multiplatform and will often be multi-screening, accessing sites on mobile or desktop, so consistent experiences across device need to be deployed”

Smart Insights, March 2017,


Today's customers start looking for you on their smartphone. Then they switch to their tablet or laptop as they dig in for more information and/or placing an order. If your marketing presentation is not consistent from device to device you can loose a sale. If your marketing message is not consistent from one platform to another you can loose a sale.

bizApps is the only platform that integrates production and delivery of your campaigns into one application. You can easily control your message and your presentation on all channels and every device from the bizApps screens and menus.


bizApps True Integrated Marketing

  • Deliver your message on every delivery channel known to man today. Reach your buyers where they hangout – mobile apps, email, social media, web sites or blogs. Print, television, radio and even billboards can be integrated into your bizApps campaigns
  • See your campaign results in real time, no waiting for vendor reports. You can see what is happening as it happens
  • Identify the serious buyers from the tire kickers. You know who is interested and who is not.
  • Contact those “hot leads” right now. bizApps pushes your hot leads straight to your sales person's cell phone for follow up in real time. No more chasing old, cold leads.
  • Identify trends and buyer’s preferences while your campaigns are running. You can adjust and adapt your campaigns in real time.

Get their attention with bizApps mobile app, on their social media platform of choice, on your web site or in their Inbox. Take that initial interest and convert it into clicks then convert those clicks into sales. All you need is bizApps.